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Auto Upholstery and Car Interior Repair

The upholstery in your vehicle is vital to making it feel comfortable and clean, so when you start to notice small tears or holes it may be time to consider interior repair. You may also have a car that you are in the process of restoring or are just ready for a change in the look and feel of the interior. If you are in need of repair or replacement of your vehicle upholstery, our experienced team is ready to take on the job.

What Is Auto Upholstery?

The term auto upholstery covers anything inside the car that may be covered in fabric, leather, or other material. Below is a list of some of the major areas you will find interior upholstery.

Custom Pink Interior
custom inter Front Seat
  • Floor Carpeting: In most cars, there is carpeting on the floor around all the seats, but there is also carpet in the trunk and other storage areas.

  • Seats: When you think of auto upholstery, you are likely only thinking about the seats. When the material on the seats begins to break down and tear you may be thinking about putting covers on the seats, when a repair may be more affordable then you think.

  • Headliner: This refers to the top of the inside of the car, and in older cars sagging and rippling are especially common.

  • Convertible Tops: The vinyl material used for the tops of most convertibles actually does fall under the category of auto upholstery.

  • Door Panels: Most door panels are not solid plastic, and actually have portions of leather or fabric tucked into them.

Repair or Replacement?

Upholstery Repair:

In most cases, repair is going to be the simplest and most cost-effective option for restoring your vehicle’s interior. If you have even small tears or burns in the upholstery it can be seriously detrimental to the resale value of the vehicle. The repair process begins by your upholsterer doing a detailed evaluation and determining where and how serious the interior damage is. From there, depending on the material they will use a variety of techniques to restore the upholstery and make it look almost new.

Upholstery Replacement:

Replacement is only recommended if the interior upholstery is so broken down and damaged that it becomes the only option. Replacement is also common in restorations, where the vehicle owner is trying to achieve a look and feel that is different from the original. The replacement process begins by determining the budget and material that will be used with the owner. From there a team of skilled upholsterers will shape the material and install it in the vehicle while maintaining an extremely high level of detail.

Preventative Maintenance:

While some damage is unavoidable, especially in an older vehicle, steps can be taken to ensure your interior upholstery lasts for as long as possible. Regular detailing, including shampooing and vacuuming, has been shown to dramatically increase the life of the upholstery. Another thing to remember is to never smoke inside the vehicle, not only does it cause an odor over time, if ashes get on the seats they can cause unsightly burns and holes.

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