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2022 Footrocket


The Footrocket is our dedicated, inland aerial ski. It’s capable of flipping off it’s own setup wake or grabbing air behind a wakeboard boat. It’s super playful at low speeds, and loves to slip and slide.


2022 Footrocket PRO


Like a hypercar, the Footrocket Pro is 100% carbon composite, including the finish. This is the next step for an aspiring flat water aerial pro, it’s lighter and with more compression and a performance fly-wheel, packs a lot more punch.


2022 REaper


The Reaper is the closest thing on the water you will find to a motocross bike. The Reaper is capable of dragging a bar like a dirt bike in a rut, or riding choppy water like a motocross bike through whoops. This is the best summer conditioning a dirt bike rider can do.


2022 Predator


The Predator is the ultimate all round stand up that is great for riders of all skill levels. With its long tray and extra bouyancy it is not only a great all round ski but is lightning fast if you are able to hold on while carving turns.

*Additional Charges for Assembly and Freight may apply*

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