remote Car starters

Kustomz no fine print

**Lifetime warranty on workmanship**

Lifetime warranty on remote car starter brains and one year on remotes.

Free removal of Remote Car Starter. Labor and parts apply for reinstall.

Connections are soldered and taped ONLY. No t-taps or scotch locks.

Most newer vehicles require a bypass module to integrate with the vehicle’s computer $65

Manual transmission add $150


Introducing Drone Mobile! 

  • Use your phone as a key fob! Range is virtually unlimited with 4G LTE cell phone service. 

  • GPS Tracking

  • Included with Prime 901, Prime 2WR3, and Prime G15 starters!

Stand Alone Remote Starter ~ Starting at $249.99 +anyadditonalparts

  • Utilizes your factory key fob

  • 3x lock button starts and stops the vehicle

  • *not available on all vehicles or manual transmissions*

Compustar Prime 2WR3 kit with Drone $444.79 after tax

  • 2Way LED Remote with 3000' Range

  • Drone DR-X1 unit

Compustar Prime G15 Kit with Drone $487.31 after tax

  • 2Way LED Remote 2 miles of range

  • Drone DR-X1 unit

Compustar Prime Slice RF Kit  $499.14 after tax

  • (2) 2 Way Remotes with 4000' range

  • Slim remote design!

Compustar Prime 901 RF Kit With Drone $544.90 after tax

  • 2 way LCD Remote with 1 Mile Range

  • Drone DR-X1 unit

CarLink Remote Start Phone App $479.25 after tax

  • Start your vehicle from your phone from virtually anywhere

  • Requires remote starter

  • Requires yearly subscription

Prime 2WR3.png
Prime G15.png
Prime Slice.jpeg
Prime 901.png
Car Link compressed.png

Parts List:

Transponder Bypass Module $64.99

AlarmIt kit Security Add on $54.99

Compustar Manual Transmission Bypass $125.00

Lifetime Warranty on remote start and workmanship!

1 year Warranty on remotes!

Multi Vehicle Discounts Available!