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How to Reduce Your Chances of Minor Auto Damage

The finish of your vehicle is a large part of what makes it look striking or interesting to other drivers. Be it a brand new car you are just driving off the lot, or an old classic that you have brought back to life you obviously take pride in the way your vehicle looks. For this reason, it can be tragic when there is a dent, scratch or another abrasion to the finish due to any number of circumstances. Hopefully, some of the tips discussed below will help you while you are out on the road to avoid costly damages.

Practice Routine Washing

Even a low-end used car can look completely different after a good wash. Add to that a layer of wax and you can take the finish on your vehicle to another level. The best thing you can do to preserve the finish of your vehicle and keep it looking it’s best is to develop a habit of consistently washing it. Having your vehicle professionally washed and detailed is going to be the best option, but if you prefer to do it at home there are a few things you must remember.

  • Don’t use dish soap or any other harsh soap that has not been specially formulated for use on cars and trucks.

  • Don’t use old rags or towels that may have been sitting around the garage collecting dust and debris, instead invest in a bulk pack of microfiber towels.

  • Wax every time you wash the vehicle, this will prevent the vast majority of dust and other airborne particles from affecting the finish.

Invest In A Bumper Guard

A bumper guard is something that you don’t see as often out on the road, but when it comes to protecting the finish of your vehicle they can be extremely helpful. Bumper guards can come in a variety of styles, including bulky metal bars and rubber pads. The goal of a bumper guard is to provide an effective barrier between you and the delicate finish of your vehicle, and it even enhances the vehicle’s safety features.

Utilize Indoor Parking

It goes without saying that indoor parking is not always available or easy to find, but by having your vehicle parked somewhere where it is protected while you are not using it can dramatically reduce the chances of damaging the finish. If you have access to a garage, be sure to clean it out and make sure there is ample room for the vehicle. If you find yourself living or working in an area where indoor parking is never an option, then you can always purchase a vehicle cover and wrap your vehicle whenever you are not using it.

Avoid Busy Parking Lots

If you need to do some shopping, but the busy parking lot has you concerned about damage to the finish on your vehicle than it’s always a good idea to find a parking spot towards the back of the lot and in a corner. This will greatly minimize the risk of someone bumping into your vehicle and causing dents.

While all these tips will work to reduce regular damage, some dents and dings are unavoidable no matter how many precautions to take. That is where we come in, we can quickly get rid of any minor dents or dings in any new or used vehicle. Contact us today if you need quick and effective dent removal.

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